Characteristics Of Waterproof Paints

Nano waterproof paint is designed and produced with nano technology.
These colors are known as completely waterproof products.
Nano colors are very easy to apply.
These products do not require special equipment or spending a lot of time to apply and dry.
According to the manufacturer’s opinion, nano paint dries in less than 4 hours if applied in the right conditions on completely dry surfaces.
Nano coating has a very long life span and will not require short-term repairs. If long-term repairs are needed, they will be very easy to repair.
Nano paint is impact resistant and does not get scratched. Nano waterproofing paint is very resistant to damp and moisture.
Note that nano thermal insulation paint will not be flammable in any way.
Nano-solvent paints do not have chemical properties.
These colors can be washed off with soap and water if they come into contact with the skin.
You can always use the best nano colors for the exterior and interior of buildings.
Nano paints are completely odorless and are colorless if you need them.
Nano moisture and waterproof products are a great alternative to Isogam.

...Waterproof Paint

Insulating paints are elastic (between 100 and 300%)
The insulating paint must allow bending without cracking at (-5ºC)
Insulating paints are waterproof
To be breathable compared to water vapor
Resistant to ultraviolet rays
Have a very good adhesion to the substrate of the place of implementation
Resistance to bloating
Make it continuous and leave a layer without seams or cracks
which prevents cracks and gaps of at least 2 mm
Resistant to organic factors (mold, mildew, bacteria)

Advantages Of Using Nano Waterproofing

When you intend to use nano waterproofing, it doesn’t matter what the material of your bottom surface is. Metal, concrete, stone and ceramic, asphalt and any other type of coating, this product easily connects with it and sticks to the surface. In contrast to Isogam, it does not get hot, windy and does not separate from the underlying tissue in front of the strong and hot summer sun. Nano waterproofing has many advantages and positive features for use, which we describe some of them in this article.
High durability and longevity
Cost reduction and affordability
It is easily cleaned
Having anti-mold, dandruff and fungus properties
Prevents discoloration over time
The ability to penetrate deep into the surface and seal the surface deeply
UV resistance
High security and non-flammability
Volume and light weight and the ability to seal the surface at high speed
Preventing cracking or breaking with concrete and plaster or cement mortars
Can be used on stone, ceramic and mosaic surfaces without causing damage or loosening on these surfaces
*Nano moisture insulation can be easily used on a wet surface.
High stability against snow and water accumulated on it
It does not suffer any damage in changing temperature conditions. It doesn’t get hot and it doesn’t separate from its bottom surface and it doesn’t blow like tar in the sun.


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