?What is the facade color

The water-proof colored facade paint is based on acrylic and by using silicone additives, it has a suitable structure as a color coating of the facade of the building. It is used in the facade as a final layer and a decorative coating for external thermal insulation. It is easy and quick to implement and is waterproof and allows the surfaces to breathe. It is resistant to external factors. It is implemented on the old color of the facade and constitutes a replacement with a long life.
The appropriate colors for the facade of the building should have a quality level that can have enough adhesion with the facade of the building after several years and not fade due to heavy rain. Durability against heat and cold is also one of the other characteristics of quality colors.
Top Color, with the support of ten years of scientific-research work and using the latest technical knowledge in the production, selection, and use of the best European raw materials and relying on years of practical knowledge of the implementation of products in the construction industry, has succeeded in producing and supplying The best and highest quality facade colors for the building are based on the needs and climatic conditions of the country.

Choosing the Right Facade Color For The Exterior Of The Building

Painting the exterior of your home is a major investment, so you want a color that will both psychologically have a good effect on the social behavior of the residents and will hold up well over the years. Here we want to examine the facts about the effects of color on people.
Color is an important and powerful tool in painting. Color can enhance or create attractive features in a home or commercial building. However, beyond aesthetics, the most important thing to consider when choosing exterior paint is longevity. Even though paint technology has advanced significantly, it is a scientific fact that the choice of paint has a huge impact on the performance of the paint. The amount of ultraviolet (UV) light absorbed or reflected by the paint affects how long the paint will last. While dark colors can create a pleasant contrast and draw attention to architectural details, they are much more subdued. Dark colors also create more maintenance problems. Dark colors absorb heat and have more moisture problems than light colors. This is why light colors last longer than dark colors and fade.

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