Waterproof Paint

Waterproof paint is said to be a paint that has resistance and stability against harsh weather conditions such as continuous rains or air humidity.
If the waterproofing paint is used correctly on the facade of the building, it will keep your building healthy for at least 10 to 15 years against atmospheric factors, rains and any kind of moisture.
The most important thing in applying the color of the facade of the building is the correct and principled implementation of the color of the facade.
In our country IRAN, you will not always feel good when you see a painted building facade, and we always face a dirty, pale, or peeling facade.
This issue can be explained as follows:
The color of the facade of the building must have its own standards, and for each weather condition, the color of the facade should be used for the same weather conditions.
But unfortunately, employers do not consider facade paint standards and also without consulting experts and experts in this industry by hiring a building facade paint contractor who most of the time does not have complete technical knowledge and by buying plastic paints or oil-based paints. Building facade.
But after a short period of time, the color of the facade of the building starts to peel off or become pale, most importantly, this paint never insulates your building from moisture, and due to the absorption of water and moisture in your building, it starts to rust from inside the rooms. Hitting and getting wet.
If you enter into negotiations with a reputable company that has a variety of products at the beginning of the work and before painting the facade of the building, pay attention to the expert opinions of the company in question.
Moisture insulation paint is an excellent facade paint for buildings in the northern regions of the country. It always costs a lot to build a villa or any other building in the north of our country.
The color of the facade of your building will be both the insulation of the building and the color of the facade of your building.
But according to my research and observations and my work experience in the north of the country, more than 80% of buildings do not follow the standards of this industry in painting their facades, and these buildings always have the problem of moisture entering from the facade. The building is inside the building
If the employers first paint the facade of the building by spending 15% more and using high-quality facade paint and entrusting the project to a professional and committed facade paint contractor, they will never see moisture entering the facade. The outside of the building will not look like the inside of the building
Also, they will see the color of their building facade for at least 15 years in the same shape and original appearance without fading.

Applications Of Nano Waterproofing

You can use nano waterproof paint for waterproofing and painting different surfaces.
Nano waterproofing coatings can be used on all types of surfaces. This advantage is very useful in the food and health products industry. In these places, doors, windows and all surfaces that are directly used by employees are covered with these waterproof insulations and they eliminate the possibility of the growth of all kinds of pollution and bacteria because the humidity provides a very suitable substrate for the growth of all kinds of pollution. And by stopping moisture absorption, the growth of pollution can also be prevented.



Some of the uses that can be mentioned of multi-functional nano insulation are:
Insulation of bathroom and toilet walls
Water pipe insulation
Wall insulation
A building that is covered with rain.
Insulation of the main foundation of the house (foundation)
Internal surface insulation
Pool insulation
Insulation of seams and water
Classification of cracks and cracks
Floor insulation of coolers
Prefabricated external and internal wall insulation
Insulation of metal surfaces against oxidation
Insulation of traditional wooden or modern metal roofs
Insulation of clay, concrete, asphalt, straw surfaces
Insulation of the main and side facade of the building made of stone or ceramic
Insulation of internal plaster walls of the building


Nano Moisture Insulation In The Construction Industry

The applications of nano waterproofing in the construction industry are one of the most important. In addition to being used in different parts of the interior spaces of buildings, these coatings are also used in the external parts of the building. Among the most important applications of nano waterproofing in buildings, the following can be mentioned.


– Insulation of roofs, toilets, swimming pools and facades by using it directly on surfaces (surface) or combining it with mortar (volume)

– Insulation of different parts of bridges including deck and foundation

– Insulation of the base and foundation of electrical installations to increase their resistance against decay and water penetration

– Insulation of storage tanks and water transfer pipes to prevent water leakage and the growth of any fungi and bacteria

– Insulation of storage tanks and oil product transfer pipes


– Insulation of fountains

– Insulation of sewage tanks and wells

– Insulation of wooden products and materials in different colors